Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Make Your Mobile Website Interactive

Squareberry gives you the power to broadcast your events and coupon promotions across a wide range of media. Your special happenings are sent on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, SMS, web calendars and on your mobile website. But beyond your events and promotions, it is important to make your mobile website interactive.

Interactive Mobile Website Pages

Adding interactive pages makes your website more functional, giving it a purpose being simply providing static information. Interactive elements can include forms, sharing features and polls, all of which can be done with page types featured in the Mobile Management area of Squareberry.

Interactive Mobile Website

The "Listen&Count Poll" page type allows you to add an interactive polls to your mobile site. You can add any of the specific Listen&Count polls you have created or set the page to always use the most recently created poll.

The "Email Send" page type allows you to create a menu option that allows users to quickly send an email, sharing information you dictate. This allows you to create a "Share" feature for mobile site visitors to send your site or other information to a friend using the native email functions on their mobile device.

The "Contact Page" page type allows you to utilize a simple contact form and phone call button. This can be used as a contact page, as an online ordering page or anything else you come up with. Not only is this an interactive element on your site, it gets site visitors interacting directly with your and your organization.

Media on your Mobile Site

Rich media, while not fully interactive, is much more engaging than just using text. Add videos and photos throughout your mobile site to better engage your audience. You can also take advantage of the Photo Gallery mobile page type to add touch-friendly photo galleries.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Best Tips of the Year (So Far)

Every now and then, it is nice to reflect on some tips from the past. This week we wanted to look back at some of the best (or our favorite) tips from 2013 so far.

Create a Media Section on Your Mobile Site

You may be interested in creating an entire media section on your mobile website, rather than simply having a single media page. Rich media such as photos and videos are engaging and help keep people on your mobile site... Read the Full Tip >

Summer is Coming – Will Your Marketing Change?

Summer is fast approaching. More than any other season, summer has distinct characteristics which can and should effect how you market. But, it depends heavily on your demographics and location.... Read the Full Tip >

Consider the Wording in Your Scheduled Social Messages

Squareberry allows you to schedule messages far in advance to publish to Facebook Profiles, Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups, LinkedIn Profiles, LinkedIn Groups and Twitter accounts. Scheduling messages in advance allows you to plan your communications... Read the Full Tip >

Listen&Count Polls on Your Mobile Website

In the Mobile Management area, you can easily add an interactive poll to your mobile website. In Mobile Content, click “Add Page” and then “Create New Page”. On the Add Page screen, select the “Listen&Count Poll” page type.... Read the Full Tip >

Using Snagged Categories As Planning Guides

Not every tip is a huge, mind-blowing, world flipping idea that will change the way you conduct business or handle your mobile and social marketing. Some tips are small, simple but great. This week’s Tuesday Tip is one of those, offering a simple idea that can lend you a helpful hand in your marketing strategy and planning... Read the Full Tip >

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Timely Tips for Local Businesses Near Colleges

Summer is ending. Soon it will be fall. The leaves will change, etc. More importantly, this time of year signals the start of new college/university semesters. Many local retail stores and restaurants service markets filled with college students.

Now is the perfect time to run marketing promotions and hold events to attract new student customers. You don't want to wait until later in the year. At that point, students will have already found other places to go, mostly based on recommendation and word of mouth. You should to not only join but dictate that conversation by starting the new college year off right.

Hold an Event

Who isn't thinking about a party when the semester starts? New and old students alike will want to get out and get social to start their year off. Hold a "New Year Kickoff" or "Goodbye Summer Bash" at your location. This is a great opportunity for new students to check out your business. Just make sure you make a good impression. This will help you draw them back in over the next few years.

Run Promotions

Simple promotions like "Save 10% When You Show Your Student ID Card" can help draw in new business. Your promotions need to be shared by the current students who have been around. New students look to them for advice. Many classes/programs now form special Facebook Groups so students can communicate and offer tips to each other. Getting your promotion shared in one of those groups would go a long way.

How Do You Get Plugged In?

A lot of restaurants and local businesses near colleges are staffed by students who go to that same college. Your employees can help your spread the word about your upcoming events and promotions. Ask them to share your happening on Facebook & Twitter. They may even be able to get one posted on special class groups & pages.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Post About Your Calendars & Upcoming Schedules

Most local businesses are all about getting more people in the door. For restaurants and local retail stores, events and promotions are great way to drive more foot traffic and generate sales.

Post About Your Calendars

Some people may not know about your calendars or your events. Some people may be knew to your organization or only recently started following you on Facebook or Twitter. Some people may just need to be reminded.

Schedule messages that link to the calendar on your website or to your Facebook page calendar. Of course, you want to make sure that your calendar is full of nice events, promotions and snagged events when people start looking at it. You can even setup a message that repeats every month, reminding people to take a look at your social calendars for upcoming events and promotions.

Schedule Social Media Posts About Upcoming Schedule

It is important to let people know about all the upcoming events and promotions you have going on. Some people's social calendars fill up early in the week. As you schedule events/promotions in the Planner of your Squareberry account, schedule messages along with them to let people know what is coming up.

For example, if you have 2 promotions and 1 event happening next week, you could schedule a message for Monday talking about those 2 promotions and events with a link to the calendar on your website or your Facebook page calendar. This gives a nice overview of your upcoming week and can help get people mentally committed to heading to your location.