Tuesday, April 29, 2014

School Athletic Calendars

Creating a Custom Event View

Squareberry allows you to create customized Event Views with selected categories. In the Calendars & Widgets section you can create new event views and select the categories you want to show.

Once the Event View is created you can grab the embed code for a widget or calendar that uses the settings you just set. Many schools have pages on their website dedicated to athletics. This is a great place to add an Athletics Calendar.

Athletics Page on Website

Select the month calendar embed option and copy the embed code. This can then be added to the website. A dedicated athletics calendar makes it easy for parents and students to see the schedule of games and know what's coming.

This same strategy can be implemented with other areas of a school. You can create a Fine Arts Calendar, Field Trips Schedule, etc. Create customized event views to spread things out and add more relative content to your website.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Utilizing Calendars & Widgets

Calendars and widgets are the best way to tie your Squareberry events and promotions into your website. Your upcoming happenings can be displayed on your home page, on sidebars, in the footer or on their own pages. Each widget or calendar is a different size and ideal for a different part of your website. You can view examples of all of our calendars and widgets here.

Below we take a look at what parts of your website are ideal for each type of calendar and widget.


There are three calendar views: Month Calendar, List Calendar, Icon Month Calendar.

  • Month Calendar - Traditional calendar view, Similar to other calendars you see. Ideal for most websites.
  • List Calendar - Lists events line by line in order of date. Ideal for those who want to show more events at a time in a list format.
  • Icon Month Calendar - Condensed month calendar. Ideal for websites that can not fit the full month calendar.


There are four widgets to use: List Widget, Day Widget, Landscape Slider Widget, Portrait Slider Widget.

  • List Widget - Simple short list. Ideal for sidebars and footers.
  • Day Widget - Day cells showing events. Ideal for footers or individual pages.
  • Landscape Slider Widget - Event cards sliding either horizontally or vertically. Ideal for home pages or footers.
  • Portrait Slider Widget - Larger slider with cards moving horizontally. Ideal for home pages.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

What is the Subscription Widget?

The Subscription Widget can be found in the Calendars & Widgets section. But, it does not display events like the other widgets. The subscription widget allows you to embed a small form on a webpage to quickly get subscribers to categories. The image below shows what the subscription widget looks like.

What it Does

The subscription widget subscribes those who input their information to the categories for that widget. Meaning, all of the categories you have selected for that event view are subscribed to when using that views subscription widget.

Reminders about upcoming events and promotions are then sent to subscribers based on the settings you have set for each category. Reminders are sent via email and SMS text message.

Use Views with Select Categories

Depending on your organization, getting email and SMS notifications from every category may annoy or overwhelm a subscriber. Instead of using your default event view which contains all of the categories, you can add a new event view with a few select categories and use that subscription widget.

For example, a school may have a large number of events going on each week. Events views can be broken up with different categories. A fine arts calendar, an athletics calendar etc. You can also have different subscription widgets for each of these. This would allow people interested in athletics to only get reminders about athletics.

It is also important to note that subscribers can subscribe to multiple things. If a user subscribed via one widget on your website, they can still subscribe via another widget to add more categories to their subscription.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Put Events in Multiple Categories

Squareberry allows you to select categories for your events and promotions. Categories determine when automated reminders are published about your events, on what calendars/widgets they are displayed on and which subscribers will get an email/SMS reminder.

Multiple Categories

Events do not need to be limited to a single category. Adding categories functions like tags. You can add multiples to any event. This comes in handy as many events apply to more then one category. A restaurant may have a Family Event that falls in the Family Fun category as well as the Food Specials.

Categories - Social Media Calendar

Calendars & Widgets

Multiple categories comes in handy with calendars and widgets. You can have a "Featured Events" category and a widget on your website home page that displays only this single category of events. However, you may not want to only tag events as Feature, you may also one to tag them with "Food Specials", "Family Fun", "Contests" or whatever category best classifies them. Utilizing multiple categories allows you to arrange things for optimal widget and calendar display.

More Subscribers

Adding multiple categories increases the reach of that event with subscribers. If you only use one category, only subscribers to that single category get the notification. More categories means more subscribers getting notified.