Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Two Daily Deals Strategies

Squareberry's Promotions feature allows you to plan, schedule and deliver coupon promotions on social media, web calendars and more. This feature can easily be used to implement your own "Daily Deals" strategies. "Daily Deals" websites have become very popular in the last year and the concept is appealing to consumers. Taking advantage of this appeal can help any business.

Publish Your Daily Deals Daily

Tongue twister? A little bit. But you get the idea. Publish your deals each day. This means people do not know what tomorrow's deal will be. You keep their focus on one deal at a time.

Here is how you can set this up in Squareberry:

  • - Create a category called "Daily Deals" or something similar.
  • - Set your publishing settings for this category to be "Day Of".
  • - Make sure this category is not included on any of the Views you are using on your website or for your Facebook Calendar. You don't want your entire Daily Deals schedule on display.
  • - Schedule Daily Deal Promotions and tag them with your Daily Deals Category

Now, all the Daily Deals promotions you schedule will publish to your social media accounts on the 'Day Of" the promotion. They will not publish before that and will not display on your calendars and widgets.

Daily Deals Calendar

Some organizations may want their deals on display ahead of time. To do this you will schedule your promotions normally in a category of your choosing. But, you may want to have a calendar or widget dedicated to your Daily Deals. This can easily be done:

  • - Create a category called "Daily Deals" or something similar.
  • - Create a custom Event View in the Calendars & Widgets Area and select only your Daily Deals category so that it is the only category in the View.
  • Embed a widget or calendar from this new custom Event View on your website or anywhere you like.

This new calendar will display your Daily Deals category and nothing else. You could use one of the sliders on your website to grab attention or even add the List Widget to your home page to show off your upcoming "Daily Deals".