Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Snag Your Favorite NBA Team's Schedule

The NBA season is here! With the MLB season just ending and the NFL season in full swing, it is now time for the NBA season to launch. It is a great time to utilize Squareberry's SNAG features and grab your favorite team's schedule to display on your calendars and widgets and share on social media.

SNAG an NBA Team Schedule


Click the "Snag" button in the top right corner of the NBA calendar at the URL above. You will then be asked to login (if you are not already). Then, select the team you want to Snag and continue.

Now, that team will show up as a Category in your account. You can display this category on calendars and widgets (just like your created categories) and even set social media publishing settings for your team schedule.

Snag NBA

Marketing With Your NBA Team Schedule

The most immediate and basic advantage to having your NBA team's schedule Snagged, is that you see the schedule on your social planner. This makes scheduling messages, events and coupon promotions to coincide with your team's games easy.

For restaurants, publishing messages on the day of a big game can help draw attention and get more people in the door to watch the game at your place.

This strategy can be taken even further, by running coupon promotions to go along with the games. Simple promotions like "Buy 2 Drinks, Get One Free" or "15% Off Everything During The Game" can help bring in groups of people to watch the big game. Running these promotions heavily at the beginning of the season can help you establish your place as the location of choice for grabbing some food and drinks while watching the games.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Making Your Mobile Website a Place to Come Back To

The key word in the title of this article is "back". Like your website, Facebook page and your actual business location, you want people to come BACK. One visit is good, but repeat visits is what you are looking for. Your mobile website needs to be an ever-updating hub of happenings, news and fresh content. Tell people to use it and keep them coming back.

Mobile Coupons

Events and Promotions

For many businesses, special events and coupon promotions are what draw people in. Your mobile website should serve as the ideal location for people to find this information. Create calendar pages on your mobile site to show off your upcoming events and promotions. People, who are out and about, will be drawn in by your happenings.

Mobile News Source

News pages are a great way to keep your mobile website fresh. With Squareberry, you can feed in RSS (such as a blog) or publish your Twitter feed. These options give your mobile website fresh news content without the need to login and update the news page. Your mobile website keeps updated via your existing main news publishing tools.

Keep It Updated

The most important thing to do is keep your mobile website updated with fresh content. Squareberry's calendars will automatically hide past events/promotions, but page content needs to be maintained (if applicable). Don't leave a message about New Year's on your home page until March. Out of date content can turn off potential customers who will think nothing has changed at your business.

If you are a restaurant, keep your current menu updated/available on your mobile website. Squareberry offers an intuitive Menu/Catalog page type which allows you to easily create and update a full menu of items.

Tell People It Is the Place to Come Back To

Signs on your door and/or tables can go a long way. You are probably already featuring Facebook on your collateral, do the same with your mobile website. Tell people they can easily see what's going on, gets news and find promotions on your mobile site. Spreading the word helps get them on your mobile site. Fresh content, news and events/promotions keep them coming back.