Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Alias Tips for Listen & Count Polls

When creating a Listen & Count poll, you can add various keywords to listen for. For each keyword you can add aliases. Aliases are other words that count as responses for that same keyword. Below are a few tips to on using the aliases feature.

Common Misspellings

Typos are fairly common on mobile devices (or even on the computer). Listen & Count polls are conducted via web widgets as well as Twitter and SMS. It is not uncommon for someone to type a response with a misspelling. You will want to make sure this misspelling is also counted as a response. Put common misspellings of your keyword as aliases. If someone submits one of these misspellings as a response it will still be counted.

Synonyms or Related Words

Many words have synonyms or shortened versions. These alternative words may be submitted by your followers. You don;t want to miss a response simply because someone typed a word that is not the exact word you wanted.


Below are some examples use the two strategies for aliases mentioned above.

  • Keyword: Chocolate
  • Aliases: coco, cocoa, chocolat, choclate, choco, chocolte
  • Keyword: Vanilla
  • Aliases: vanilla, vanill, vnilla, vanila, french vanilla

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Aspects of an Event

See the Parts That Make Up a Events

Events in Squareberry have a few set fields and an open content area where anything can be added. You can add images, text, links, videos and more in the content editor.

The chart above outlines the various aspects of an event. These pieces make up what is viewed when someone clicks an event on your calendar or clicks a link on a social media reminder message.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Aspects of a Promotion

See the Parts That Make Up a Promotion

Promotions in Squareberry function much like events. The main difference between promotions and events is that promotions have a set of pre-defined fields, rather than an open content area.

The chart above outlines the different pieces that make up the promotion. They are displayed in the same order that the fields appear in when you schedule a promotion in you Squareberry account. Promotions allow you to publish redeemable coupons on calendars, widgets and social media to drive people in to your real world location.

Promotions are also optimized for mobile devices. Your followers and customers who view your promotion on their mobile device will see a mobile optimized coupon that is perfect for redeeming at your location.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Adding Rich Content to Events

If you are just using text when creating your events, you are not utilizing the full potential of Squareberry events. Every event you create has a Content section which offers an open space for adding images, videos, links and more.

Adding Images

Images are the easiest thing to add into an event. Simply click the "Insert/Edit Image" button. The image pop-up will appear and show you other images/files you have uploaded to your account already. Select any of these to add them to the event content area. You can also click "Add File" to upload a new image.

Adding Videos

Squareberry allows you to embed videos from video hosting websites such as YouTube and Vimeo into your events. These video hosting websites offer great features and outstanding performance. Once your video is uploaded simply copy the embed code provided by your video site. For example, on YouTube you will find the embed code under the "Share" tab.

To embed the video in your event content, click the "HTML" button. This will display a pop-up with the HTML source of your event content. Paste the embed code into here.

Adding Links and Download Links

There are two types of links you can add, and two buttons to match. "Insert/Edit Link" allows you to add more traditional links. You can link to a website URL and choose from a few options. The second link button is "Add Link to a File". This allows you to link to a file you have uploaded to your account.

An example of using the Link to File button is to allow the download of a form. You can upload a PDF form that needs to be filled out and brought to the event. This file could be downloaded easily by anyone viewing your event.

To add a link, highlight the text you want to make a link. Once the text is highlighted, click one of the add link buttons. The appropriate pop-up will appear and you can turn that selected text into a hyperlink.