Tuesday, October 28, 2014

'Email Send' Mobile Page Type

Squareberry's Mobile management area offers a variety of page types to make building a mobile website easy and effective. The newest page type is called "Email Send" and it can be quite useful for many different organizations.

What it Does

The 'Email Send' page will do just that. It will send an email. It is essentially the same as creating a "mailto:" link in HTML. When an end user clicks this page on the menu it will call the default email program on their mobile device. The email subject and message you dictate will show up in their pre-composed message. This can be quite useful for getting people to share your site or information about organization.

Build Your 'Email Send' Page

First, create a new page in the mobile management area. Give your page a name and select 'Email Send' as the page type.

Next, select an icon for your page. In this example we have selected a heart since it is all about showing how much you love Maile's by sharing it with friends.

Then, it is time for the main content. You need to provide an email subject and the email body content. The subject would be something catchy that the end recipient will want to open and read. The person sharing your email will more than likely not change anything in the subject or message. They are more likely to add to it then alter it.

Save your page and you are ready to go.

The Result

Now, when someone selects this page on your mobile site, it will generate an email using the default mail app on their phone.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Search Twitter Keywords, Generate Leads, Start Conversations

In the Social Conversation Area of Squareberry, there are three main sections: Search, Social Feeds and Inbox. The Search section allows you to monitor keywords on Twitter. Any keywords you add will be on the left tabs and feed in public tweets using those keywords.

Search Tips

1. Use quotation marks to search for phrases. When you are inputting a search term, you can add quotation marks to search for the whole phrase. If you search for multiple words without quotation marks, your results will include Tweets with those keywords, though the words may be separate in the tweet.

Twitter Phrase Search

2. Add Local Terms. Use your city name, neighborhoods, or local phrases to help bring in Tweets from people talking about your specific area. There are so many Tweeters out there, you want to do the best you can to bring in the best possible leads. Twitter Keyword Search

Reply to New Leads

Social conversation goes both ways. Not only will you monitor what is being said, but you can easily join the conversation. Hit "Reply" next to any of the Tweets in your search and you can instantly reply to that person. Recommend your business, answer their questions or even ask for feedback.

Think of these Tweeters as leads. Everyone out there Tweeting is a potential customer or new follower. The more you engage and be part of the conversation, the more traction your can gain, people you can influence and business you can generate.

Twitter Reply

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Use the Active Category Feature on Your Calendars

This feature can be found in the Calendar & Widgets Area and can be applied to any of your custom Event Views.

What is the Active Category Feature?

This feature allows you to specify which categories will be active by default when someone loads your calendar. Meaning, you could have a calendar with 5 categories on it, but only one category is showing when the calendar loads. The other 4 categories can then be checked by the viewer and activated.

When to Use It

This feature is great for organizations that want to cross promote happenings. For instance, a restaurant company with multiple restaurants may want to cross promote things happening at their restaurants. On the website calendar for "Bob's Burgers" there could be a category for "Stacy's Stir-Fry" which is not active by default. A user could see it and activate it to see those events also, but they are distracted by these events for another restaurant at the start.

Using this feature allows you to focus viewers on certain information to start while still presenting them with the option to get more information regarding other things (other categories).

Step by Step

  • Go to the Calendars & Widgets Area
  • Create a new Event View
  • Select Categories you want to include in that Event View (all the categories you want to be on that view)
  • At the bottom you will see "Specify Active Categories" - check this to activate it and then select the categories you want to be activated by default
  • The categories you specify here will be checked and active when a viewer loads the calendar

The Active Categories feature was based on user feedback and suggestions. We appreciate all the feedback we get and encourage users to take part in our Support and Tips Forum.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Encourage Sharing of Events & Promotions

Word of mouth has always existed. When people have a good (or bad) experience, they want to talk about it. They want to share. Social Media was built for this kind of interaction and promotion. It was built for people to tell others about things they like, things they are doing, and things they want to do.


1. Send messages encouraging people to retweet or share your page with their friends. You could write a message like “Tell your friends about our events and promotions!” or “Everything is better with a friend! Tell them about our upcoming events.”

2. Encourage sharing and viral activity within your events. Every event you make in Squareberry features social sharing buttons to send across Twitter, Facebook, Linked In and email. You need to encourage people to utilize these buttons. “Hey! Share this event with friend on Facebook to make it even better!”

3. Run promotions that get followers to bring more people. When running a special promotion, it is always good to make the promotion include more meals/people. For instance, instead of a promotions giving 10% off a yogurt, run a promotion for “15% off when you buy two yogurts. Bring a friend!” You can encourage social interaction by running promotions that involve more than one person. 

Squareberry is all about driving people to your real world location for your happenings. Encouraging social sharing and promotions which encourage multiple visitors can help increase the number of people coming to your location, participating in promotions and experiencing you events.