Tuesday, October 28, 2014

'Email Send' Mobile Page Type

Squareberry's Mobile management area offers a variety of page types to make building a mobile website easy and effective. The newest page type is called "Email Send" and it can be quite useful for many different organizations.

What it Does

The 'Email Send' page will do just that. It will send an email. It is essentially the same as creating a "mailto:" link in HTML. When an end user clicks this page on the menu it will call the default email program on their mobile device. The email subject and message you dictate will show up in their pre-composed message. This can be quite useful for getting people to share your site or information about organization.

Build Your 'Email Send' Page

First, create a new page in the mobile management area. Give your page a name and select 'Email Send' as the page type.

Next, select an icon for your page. In this example we have selected a heart since it is all about showing how much you love Maile's by sharing it with friends.

Then, it is time for the main content. You need to provide an email subject and the email body content. The subject would be something catchy that the end recipient will want to open and read. The person sharing your email will more than likely not change anything in the subject or message. They are more likely to add to it then alter it.

Save your page and you are ready to go.

The Result

Now, when someone selects this page on your mobile site, it will generate an email using the default mail app on their phone.

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